The Pointillism Lettering of Xavier Casalta.

France-based artist Xavier Casalta is a designer skilled on lettering, illustration and drawing combined with pointillism (the art of drawing and filling illustrations with pure dots); a full illustration can have hundred of thousands of dots and the result is simply beautiful. 

The work of Casalta has become popular very quickly. He’s been featured on many online magazines and is a proudly member of the tumblr community.

You can check all his work here: http://casaltaxavier.com/

India’s monuments

Based in Bangalore city, illustrator Ranganath Krishnamani celebrates India’s monuments in these beautiful illustrated posters. 

Sara K. Golish: Sundust

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Sundust is a new series of ten portraits of fictional sun goddesses by Toronto-based visual artist Sara Golish

Artista francesa, Koralie.

+ http://www.koralie.com/

Engraved Rolling Pins

Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska creates laser-engraved wooden rolling pins that print designs onto cookie dough.