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Um mundo mágico. Aquarelas delicadas e abertas a interpretação. Riqueza de detalhes e abstração juntos no trabalho da inglesa Carmel Seymour.

Before starting, I apologize for my bad English….

You know there’re times when I think things like “how is even possible for this contry to exist?, you heard phrases like this: “the impossible is possible in Bolivia” and they are right,the stupidest shit can happen here . Corruption and drug trafficking are the main problems of the country, unfortunately our economy revolves around it (talking about bad associations).

Poverty and violence, watch the news in this country is so depressing, there’s only death, drugs, death, rape, corruption, more death, violence, stupid government decisions, more problems with drug trafficking, unemployment, and we should not forget  the tour around the world that our president seems to enjoy very much, he spends more time abroad than trying to solve problems here.Not to mention that the news present this as… well as a show. What happened to serious journalism? oh right, is Bolivia that does not exist here anymore, the radio is the only one…

Before submitting this information, you must keep in mind that Bolivia has always had this problem, but what draws attention is the macho stupidity, (apparently machismo has long existed in this country)…

Let’s begin:

"Sophia Calvo, 26, was stabbed to death last weekend in the city of Santa Cruz (east) by an employee of the parking lot where she used to leave her car, the employee was arrested hours after, the body of the girl was found in the trunk of the vehicle.

This crime,has triggered an emotional response in Bolivian society, goes to swell an already alarming statistic for civil society organizations and international organizations.

According to data released today by the director of the Center for Information and Development of Women (ICW), Mary Mark, so far this year 98 women have been killed in Bolivia, and of these cases 59 were femicide in most cases perpetrated by a partner or former partner of the victim.

Marca asked the Government to declare “alert” in this situation and she mentioned both the assassination of Calvo and the rape in La Paz of two sisters aged 13 and 14 years, among other recent cases.” http://www.bolivia.com/actualidad/nacionales/sdi/96632/asesinato-de-sophia-calvo-reaviva-la-alarma-por-violencia-machista-en-bolivia

Now let’s see the reaction of one of the many imbeciles that is part of the government:

This is the proposal of a candidate for senator from Cochabamba who blames women for rape, beatings and crime victims. “We need to teach women how to behave to avoid being objects,” he said. And he mentioned “certain types of clothing, certain attitudes” among the causes of the brutality that has put Bolivia in second place of violence against women in Latin America, after Haiti. He proposed “to train them from school as the Japanese” to “behave themselves on the streets, in special places.” Okay When I heard this, I was so mad!!! The victims should never be blamed for an act of violence against them and “to train them”!!!?? Why!!!??? Men should be trained to respect a woman!!!

This senator is not the only one who thinks like that, several government officials too and the majority of the Bolivian population. This proposal demonstrates the macho stupidity and ignorance in the society, although it has enacted a law against femicide and crimes of rape in Bolivia (2013), but they don’t allocates resources to implement it. Maybe if certain MAS (Movimiento al Socialismo) members wouldn’t receive certain benefits, maybe we could find the necessary resource…

Disgusting, right?

This is Bolivia!!! A place where the stupidest shit can happen, like misogyny….

The Pointillism Lettering of Xavier Casalta.

France-based artist Xavier Casalta is a designer skilled on lettering, illustration and drawing combined with pointillism (the art of drawing and filling illustrations with pure dots); a full illustration can have hundred of thousands of dots and the result is simply beautiful. 

The work of Casalta has become popular very quickly. He’s been featured on many online magazines and is a proudly member of the tumblr community.

You can check all his work here: http://casaltaxavier.com/